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Belt Conveyor

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Belt conveyor is a friction-driven machine that transports materials in a continuous manner. It is mainly composed of frame, conveying belt, bearing roller, roller, tensioning device, transmission device and etc. It can form a material conveying process between the initial feeding point and the final discharging point on a certain conveying line. It can transport either loose materials or packed products. In addition to sheer material transportation, it can also be combined with various production processes to form a rhythmic flow line based on requirements of specific process. With the principle of friction transmission, belt conveyor is suitable for conveying powdery, granular, small pieces of low abrasiveness and bagged materials, such as coal, gravel, sand, cement, fertilizer grain and etc. Our products can either work by a single machine or coordinate with multiple machines and other conveying systems according to different working environments, with high conveying capacity and low cost. The belt can be divided into 3 types, namely acid-resistant, oil-resistant and ordinary rubber.




  • Due to stable working condition, materials will not slip in the process of transportation, thus no damage will be made to the materials.
  • Suitable for workplaces that require low noise environment.
  • Easy maintenance, simple structure and energy efficient.



Scope of Application:

Applicable to zero discharge of drilling mud and the transportation of kitchen waste, domestic garbage and mud cakes, etc.


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