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  • Time of issue:2019-11-15 00:00:00
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  Apile Foundation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, which is specialized and engaged in all kinds of piling rig, deep foundation drilling rig, mining exploration and mining and accessories, piling tools, kelly bar and other spares designing, manufacturing and trading as a whole. Our products were covered foundation construction, deep foundation excavation processing, geological survey, mining exploration area and so on.

        Our company specializes in manufacturing secant pile machine(hydraulic casing oscillator) , rotary casing drilling rigs, anchor drilling rigs, hydraulic pile cutting machine hydraulic pile drawer and other spares, it has a batch supply capacity. Our mainly products include secant pile machine (hydraulic casing oscillator), rotary casing drilling rigs, anchor drilling rigs, hydraulic cutting machine, hydraulic casing extractors, downhole motors, piling tools, continuous flight augers, reverse circulate drilling bits, Casing tube, drilling mud materials, flat tooth, picks and all kinds of tooth, the profession system of grouting pile, accessories of drilling rig etc.

        Apile Foundation Equipment Co., Ltd is equipped with R&D center, industrial base (Gu’an Fei Teng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd), Technical Services Center, Logistics Center, Accessories Center and so on. We have a batch of scientifical leaders and young technical backbone. They have much experienced in geological exploration, drilling engineering and geological exploration engineering and digging engineering equipment design and construction experiencement,solid theoretical basis and strong market development ability. Meanwhile, Our company is built with strong sense of responsibility, processing technology skills workers and a maintenance experienced after-sales team.

      In recent years, our corporation has finished many large-scale, complicated pile drilling rigs and designations of craft, which were widely used in national supper-scale projects. Such as Qingzang Railway, Hewu Railway, Hening Railway, Wuguang Railway, Zhengxi Railway, Zhengshi Railway, Zhengxu Railway, Shitai Railway, jingjin Inter-city High Railway, Capital Airport Extending Construction, Project of Olympic Center, First and Second Section of Jingcheng Highway, Extending Construction of Anshan Iron Corporation, Baotou Inner Mongolia power plant project.

      Apile Foundation pay attention to technology exchange and cooperation with counterparts both in domestic and abroad. Currently we keep good relationship with equipment manufacturers, trading companies, construction corporations and professional associations. Our products have been advanced technologically and qualitatively in the world, and exported to Europe and West Asian Country, such as America, Germany, Turkey, UAE, Russia, Kazakhstan etc.


  Recently, Apile built a large-scale modern production base in Industrial Park Gu’An County, Hebei Province. And introduced many advanced processing equipment, it makes productivity increase greatly. Meanwhile, we have developed several kind of new products, such as YRT series Rotary Casing drilling rigs, Anchor Piling, Vibratory Hammer, Hydraulic Cutting Machine, BG series Hydraulic Pile Drawer and so on.

      Our management conception is faithfulness, development, innovation. With first-class management, advanced technology and manufacturing technology, high quality products and professional service dedicated to national and international geotechnical engineering construction industry to provide the best service and complete construction technology solutions.

      We sincerely hope to create value for more customers and develop market with you together, through our extensive experience and excellent equipment performance, superior product quality, professional skills and improve the service system.


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