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JHP-114-8 Hydraulic pliers

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According to the characteristics of the buckle type, specification, material, applicable torque and the power and structure conditions of the geological drilling machine, China geological equipment corporation has developed the jhp-114/8 hydraulic clamp capable of unscrewing the large-diameter coring drill pipe. JHP - 114/8 type special hydraulic clamp is for core drilling equipment (vertical shaft, full hydraulic core drill, top drive type) in the use of rope coring drill pipe (S59, S75 and S95, S114) during coring and tripping operation fast on the shackle of an open mouth hydraulic pliers, mainly in order to overcome the deep geological coring drilling in construction under frequent, large amount of labor, for a long time on artificial buckle short of pre-tightening torque requirements, drill the shackle of beating the disadvantages such as easily damage the drill pipe joint and the cords of the drill pipe twist, shackle special equipment.


1. The whole machine is light and portable, driven by the main clamp of motor, driven by the back clamp of oil cylinder, floating suspension;

2.Simple operation, the reversing valve to achieve the master and back clamp and release synchronously;

3.Two-gear setting can realize high grade quick unscrew and low grade high torque unscrew;

4.The upsetting part of the union is held by the main back clamp, but the joint of male and female wire is not held;

5.The main back pliers have good performance of conducting and self-aligning with each other, and have floating displacement with each other;

6.Reliable clamping and shackle, no slippage, no gnawing of drill pipe, and micro-trauma type clamp teeth;

7.The connection is convenient and can be connected with all geological main equipment without affecting each other.

Applicable models:

JHP-114/8 hydraulic pliers can be adapted to various types of vertical shaft core drilling RIGS (JCR series) and full hydraulic models (all manufacturers) used by geological prospecting units, widely applicable to the wring and unloading of various specifications of geological drill pipe, coring drill pipe and various caliber geological casing.

Product advantage:

JHP - 114/8 type hydraulic power tong, can be a line for the majority of the drilling workers save thousands of higher intensity of drilling work, can avoid or reduce personal injury accidents, can greatly reduce the deep hole coring under complex geological conditions and chances when drill hole accident happened, and can perfectly realize the rope coring thin-walled drill pipe thread protection of vulnerable. Most importantly, highly efficient mechanical unscrewing greatly reduces the time and power required to frequently lift and drill deep holes

Technical parameters:


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