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JCR-7 drilling machine is a mechanical drive hydraulic feed vertical shaft core drilling machine newly developed by our company. It is mainly used for metallic and non-metallic solid deposit exploration and diamond small diameter drilling, and also for large diameter alloy drilling. It can drill vertical hole and inclined hole, and also can be used for hydrology, oil and gas field exploration and engineering drilling. The research and development of JCR-7 drilling machine has filled the blank of 2500m deep hole hole of our company's vertical shaft core drilling machine, and improved the series of our company's vertical shaft core drilling machine, which is convenient for users to choose.


1. The overall layout of the drill is reasonable, the structure is compact, and the parts can be disassembled and assembled independently for easy maintenance.

2, the selection of automobile gearbox and clutch, speed ratio selection is reasonable, rotary equipment has 10 speed and the user's commonly used speed, suitable for the highest efficiency of the work of the drill. The transmission is reliable, low cost and easy to supply spare parts.

3. The vertical shaft has a high low speed torque and a maximum of 8000N. M (motor configuration).

4. It is equipped with electric motor and diesel engine, which is convenient for users to choose.

5. Double cylinder hydraulic feeding, long stroke, 770mm.

6.with four different specifications of slips, to meet different user requirements.

7.chuck clamping force is large, the drill adopts double gear oil pump combination to supply oil, save consumption, adapt to a variety of drilling technology, is conducive to improve drilling efficiency.

8. Horizontal design of hoist, convenient rope arrangement and large lifting force.


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