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Three Mixing Rod

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SMW Description:

SMW method(also called the strength of cement-soil piles method) is a method of pushing H-steel into soil-cement piles to form an enclosure wall which supports loads and stops water penetration. This paper introduces the construction technology , technical points and control measures of the SMW pile.

SMW Main Features:

1.Little effect on the surrounding environment. Construction of  soil disturbance to nearby smaller, does not product close to the ground subsidence, tilt housing , roads and underground facilities, dehiscence and other hazards shift; SMW engineering methods of construction other construction method of the space occupied by only 60% to 80%,is conducive to protection of surrounding buildings, road and air, underground pipeline; the same time, a small amount of residual disabilities and relatively easy to deal with the mud, there is help to protect the environmental health.

2.Pile quality much reliable. SMW engineering methods currently used in three-axis mixing drill for drilling hollow spiral blade, in the drilling of soil, while replacement of large amounts of undisturbed soil. While taking advantage of high-pressure into the slurry so that the full mixing of cement-soil, making mud pile the phenomenon of non-hierarchical folders. Insert the steel and cement  in close connection with an increase of the thickness of steel flange, so that pile body strength greatly increased.

3.The continuous construction of water effect is good. SMW-engineering of the drill rig and stirring with a rotary-wing wing-white set features, along with drilling and stirring is repeated water, mud and soil can be fully uniform mixing, and the amount of cement mixed with a high water-cement ratio large, wall length without seams, so that makes the formation of the cement wall on one hand have a high compression, shear strength, on the other make than the traditional continuous wall with a more reliable sealing of its permeability coefficient up to 8*107cm/s.

4.The project cost is low, construction progress fast. On the one hand the use of cement mixing pile retaining much lower than other construction methods, on the other SMW construction method for each class can be more than 390m into the pile, in the compressed schedule, while saving labor costs, it can significantly reduce investment.


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