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JTC 40D Trench Cutter

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The trench cutter is a type of construction equipment designed to dig narrow but deep trenches used in the casting of slurry walls. Typically, it is a cutter attachment mounted on a crawler crane base machine, with different types of hose handling systems. The machine excavates by cutting the soil using two cutting wheels, while a powerful pump extracts loose material mixed with some of the slurry, typically betonite. JTC 40D trench cutter has the following features:

  • With modular design, the switch between rotary digging & double-wheel milling can be easily realized with little adjustments, which can improve the product versatility and reduce the use cost.
  • Milling groove can reach depth of 60m. Milling wheel status, milling groove depth and footage can be monitored and controlled in real time.
  • Suspension synchronous control system ensures synchronous lifting and discharging of electric, gas, tubing and milling head. Simple structure and symmetrical arrangement of left and right tubing gurantee good stability.
  • Innovative application of top telescopic boom combined with crane telescopic boom structure can flexibly adjust the height of main engine to improve stability.
  • The main winch adopts the integrated structure design of double winches, and the single-layer winding winch can meet the requirements of milling groove depth, thus minimizing the wearing of wire rope.



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