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Vertical Cutting Dryer

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Our company's dryer can dry the sludge after dehydration (such as: after filter press) with 80%-90% moisture content. After drying, the moisture content of the sludge reaches 20%-30%. After the heat per ton of dry sludge reaches 1200-2000 calories (equivalent to 240-400 kg of coal), it can be mixed with coal into the boiler for common combustion, completely solving the troubles of sludge collection and landfill. The whole system equipment is sealed and operated, no dust and odor leakage, environmental protection and waste utilization, reducing the cost of solid waste disposal and cost saving.


1. Indirect heating, no large amount of air is carried away to remove heat, and the outer wall of the dryer is provided with an insulating layer. The daily processing capacity is 15 tons, which is far higher than the processing capacity of similar equipment.

2. Low cost of use: a large heat transfer surface in the effective volume of the unit, shortening the processing time, the size of the equipment becomes smaller, greatly reducing the building area and building space.

3. Wide range of processing materials: Different heat media can be used to process both heat sensitive materials and materials requiring high temperature treatment. Commonly used media are: water vapor, heat transfer oil, hot water, cooling water, etc., which can be operated continuously or intermittently. Can be applied in many fields.

4. Small environmental pollution: no air is required, the dust material is rarely entrained, and the solvent evaporation of the material is small, which is convenient for handling. Closed loops can be used for contaminated materials or for conditions requiring recovery of solvents.

5. Low operating costs: low-speed mixing and reasonable structure, the amount of wear is small, maintenance costs are very low.

6. Stable operation: due to the special compression of the wedge-shaped blade---expansion and agitation, the material particles are fully in contact with the heat transfer surface. In the axial interval, the temperature, humidity and mixing degree of the material are small, thus Guaranteed process stability.

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