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Plate And Frame Filter Press

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Our company's plate filter press has reasonable design, beautiful appearance, strong versatility, exquisite materials, sturdy and durable, variety and complete specifications. The products are divided into: automatic, manual, hydraulic, van, plate and frame, electromechanical, liquid integrated and machine, electric, liquid split filter press, wherein the filter press filter plate uses reinforced polypropylene filter plate, which filters The surface adopts a point-like conical boss design, compression molding, large filter area, fast filtration speed and short filtration period, which greatly improves work efficiency and economic benefits. According to the needs of users, the company can design and manufacture various special performance filter presses, and arrange various polypropylene trays and flow tanks with corrosion resistance. In order to meet the market demand, the company strives to improve the product grade, and actively researches high temperature resistant, high corrosion resistant, high pressure resistant, high automation and large filter area filter presses; the company has developed and produced filter plates ranging in size from 320mm to 1500mm, and the filter area is from 1.0 square to 500 squares of various filter presses.

Features of plate and frame filter press:

1. Large filter driving force, high solid content of filter cake, clear filtrate, high solid recovery rate, less conditioning drug consumption.

2. The reinforced polypropylene filter plate has stable chemical properties. It has strong corrosion resistance, acid, alkali and salt resistance, non-toxic, odorless, low self-weight, high strength and low labor.

3. Metal filter plate is precision cast, high temperature resistant, high pressure and durable.

Application area:

Light industry, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, resource development, metallurgical coal, national defense industry, environmental protection, etc.

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