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Mud Agitator

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Basic description:

       Our company's mud mixer adopts worm gear reduction drive, optimized structure, small footprint, compact structure, large transmission torque, stable operation and reliable operation. The product runs smoothly, has low noise, long service life, less vulnerable parts and high cost performance.

At present, the company produces two kinds of mixers: horizontal mud mixer and vertical mud mixer. At the same time, other types of mud mixers and different specifications of stainless steel stirrer stir bars can be produced according to different requirements of customers.

Mud mixer advantages:

1. Product structure optimization, small footprint and compact structure.

2. Smooth operation, low running noise, long service life, less fragile parts and high cost performance.

3. The use of high-pressure airless spraying equipment construction, through the primer, intermediate paint, topcoat and other processes to achieve a beautiful appearance and anti-corrosion effect.

4. The mixing shaft and the stirring impeller are greatly improved in service life and anti-corrosion by grinding, pickling, assisting plating, hot dip galvanizing, passivation and fine grinding.

Application area:

It belongs to one of the drilling fluid tank type solid control equipments. It is mainly used for the mixing and mixing of drilling fluids to prevent the solid phase particles of drilling fluids from being deposited in the tank circulation system, so that the performance of the circulating drilling fluid is stable and evenly mixed.

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