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        The drilling fluid desilter plays a role in the whole drilling fluid solid control system. In order to meet the increasingly stringent drilling requirements of modern times, our company has carried out a lot of optimization work on drilling fluid desilters. As a desilter manufacturer in the oil drilling industry, we can produce and supply different types of desilters including: 4 inch desilter, 5 inch desilter, polyurethane cyclone desander, cast iron cyclone desander, oil field Desander for use, desilter for non-excavation works, bottomless flow screen remover and so on.

The characteristics of the drilling fluid desilter:

1.According to the customer's needs, we can produce desilters with different processing capacities.

2.Operation and maintenance is simple, drilling fluid desilter vulnerable parts can be interchanged with internationally renowned brands.

3.Using ANSYS finite element analysis, optimize structural design, to maximize the operation of ergonomic design.

4.The process can adopt the current industry-leading pickling, passivation, hot-dip galvanizing process, greatly improving the life cycle of the drilling fluid desilter in use.

5.Using Oli brand to stimulate the motor.

6.The selection of electrical components using Siemens, Schneider, ABB and other internationally renowned brands.

7.The desilting cyclone is made of high wear-resistant and pure polyurethane material, which can be interchanged with internationally renowned products.

Application area:

       It is widely used in the mud purification treatment of oil drilling solid control, non-excavation, pipe jacking and other fields.

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