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Linear Shale Shaker

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Our company's mud treatment system is suitable for mud purification and recovery in the construction of water and electricity, urban construction and other positive and negative circulation holes (tanks) and cement balance shield construction, which can reduce construction cost and reduce environmental pollution. It is essential for basic civilized construction. one. Using this device can create the following advantages for you:

1. The full purification of the mud is beneficial to control the mud index and reduce the stuck drilling accident and improve the quality of the hole.

2. Effective separation of soil slag is conducive to improving the efficiency of hole making.

3. The repeated use of mud, is conducive to saving pulp materials and reducing construction costs.

4. Closed-circuit circulation purification of mud and low moisture content of slag are conducive to reducing environmental pollution.

In summary, the use of our mud treatment system helps to carry out high-quality, efficient, economical and civilized construction of related projects.

Application area:

Can be widely used in oil drilling solid control, non-excavation mud recovery, coalbed methane mining mud purification, shield pipe jacking water separation and other fields.


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