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Three-phase Disc Player

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The disc separator is one of the decanter centrifuges for separating difficult-to-separate materials (for example, a suspension composed of a viscous liquid and fine solid particles or an emulsion composed of a liquid having a similar density). The disc separator in the separator is the most widely used sedimentation centrifuge.

The disc separator can perform two operations: liquid-solid separation (ie separation of bottom concentration suspension), called clarification operation; liquid-liquid separation or liquid-liquid-solid separation, ie separation of emulsion, separation operation .

The disc separator is a three-phase automatic slag separation machine, which can realize liquid-liquid-solid separation, automatic slag discharge, high separation factor and strong separation ability. This model can realize manual slag discharge or PLC program control timing automatic slag removal. It reduces labor intensity and improves work efficiency. The hydraulic coupling replaces the traditional friction plate clutch, and the smokeless dust on site is clean and hygienic. It can be operated manually or remotely. The machine is simple in structure and easy to maintain.

Application area:

The equipment is used in a wide range of applications, from laboratory to large production. Can be used in industrial, pharmaceutical, chemical, dairy, beverage, petroleum, metallurgy, biological and other industries.

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