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APFYRT series Casing Rotator

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As an edge tool for economical construction of fully cased, bored piles for deep, large diameter projects in hard soil conditions, APFYRT series casing rotators combined with matching power pack+control system are often used with rotary drilling rig/crane and full casings as an integrated boring system.



  • No noise, no vibration, no impact on surrounding buildings.
  • Job-site is mud free, hence avoiding mud processing, storage and transportation.
  • Direct judgement of soil and strata characteristics when drilling. For end bearing piles, it's easy to determine pile length on site.
  • Fast drilling speed, often as high as 14m/h for common soil.
  • Deep drilling depth, often up to 70m depending on soil quality.
  • High vertical precision, verticality of 3-5% can be guaranteed.
  • Application of hydraulic drilling rig+steel casing effectively avoid wall collapse and guarante good quality of bored hole.
  • No or little mud sticking to reinforcements, which is conducive to enhancing the bond strength between concrete and reinforcements.
  • No use of mud avoids the possibility of mud penetrating into concrete, hence guaranting good pile quality.
  • Compared with other piling methods, the diameter of finished piles is much more standard with small filling factor,  hence saving about 13% concrete.
  • Fast and thorough hole cleaning can guarante the settlement on hole bottom to be within 2.5cm.


Scope of Application:

  • Subway construction, deep foundation secant piles, pulling abandoned piles for urban redevelopment and removal of underground obstacles.
  • Full casing method makes it possible to performe boring very close to existing buildings, especially suitable for urban construction.
  • Possible to bore inclined piles.


Applicable stratum:

  • All strata suitable for rotary drilling rig construction
  • Pebble, silt, quicksand, fine sand, broken and karst cave, backfilled soil, swamps, lakes, rivers and other complex formations


Schematic Diagram:



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