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The PB380B series pile breakers

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Characteristics of the PB Series pile breakers:

1.The PB series pile breaker adopts modular design. It can intercept different pile diameter by adjusting the number of modules to increase or decrease according to the variation of pile diameter.

2.Easy operation and maintenance, greatly reduce construction costs. The hinge connection between module and module is easy to disassemble and assemble and easy to maintain.

3. Each module is controlled by a separate hydraulic cylinder, and the hydraulic pipeline is connected to realize synchronous action, and the same cross section is occluded at the same time, so that the pile body in the section can be broken, and then the broken pile head can be transferred directly without manual cleaning. The work does not disturb the people and damage the pile body and equipment.

4.The main components are made of special materials and processes, and the normal service life is up to 20 years.

5.The cutter pile has a wide range of diameters. Diameter range of truncated pile from ¢200mm-¢2500mm.

Product advantage:

1.Leading full hydraulic pile breaker equipment to fill in the domestic blank, 4 unique patent technology, to achieve efficient pile head breaking operation.

2.Advanced, reasonable modular design, convenient and quick transformation of the modules number to adapt to different pile diameter construction.

3.It can be freely connected with a variety of construction machinery to achieve economical, versatile and practical products.

4.Simple operating system, less staffing, lower construction costs.

5.Considering the control of the pile breaking whole process, the equipment can transfer the broken pile head directly and avoid manual removal.

6.New hinge design to minimize the force of pin shaft, improve the service life of unit body.

7.Adjustable sling-type design to meet multi-terrain construction requirements.

8.Quick assembly design for convenient transportation and construction and improved construction efficiency.

9.Easy module replacement and general technology design for fast maintenance.

10.The whole pile head crushing construction solves the problem of high energy consumption in pulverizing construction.

11.Fully hydraulic drive for low noise operation in pile head construction.

12.The application of new materials and new processes improves equipment reliability and reduces maintenance costs.

13.High-life design for the best return for customers.

The PB380B construction reference parameters

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